Let's learn about birds;
it's not all that hard.

Have you ever looked out of your window and wondered what all of that chirping was about? Where those vibrant colors were coming from? What kind of bird was visiting your porch, your tree, or your feeder and serenading you with his song? These are the questions Kermit Cummings addresses in A Backyard Birding Adventure: What's in Your Yard? This friendly little book employs clever, yet educational, rhymes, stunning photographs, and whimsical illustrations to awaken your child's interest in the avian world.

A Backyard Birding Adventure ($16.95)

"It's hard to imagine a better introduction for children to the natural world than such a read as this. Well done."
Roger Breedlove - Co-author of A Birder's Guide to Louisiana

"... a wonderful read. A great way of introducing the world of birds to children and their parents."
Marsha May - Past president of Travis Audubon Society

"The publication of this book for children will be very helpful in making this younger generation aware of birds and nature."
Jim Hailey - Past president of Texas Ornithological Society

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