In A Backyard Birding Adventure: What’s in Your Yard?, Kermit Cummings offers a lighthearted introduction to ten of the most interesting characters you’ll ever meet. And who knew—they probably live in your neighborhood, maybe in your own backyard! Though the book is meant to entertain, it contains lots of nuggets of education about these ten avian species. Facts about how the birds look, their habits, and in some cases, how they sound, are cleverly woven into the story of a dad and a lad taking an introductory bird walk in their backyard. You will find the bird facts to be true and reliable too. The verses and the illustrations will make you smile, maybe even laugh, and before you know it, you will find yourself gearing up to go exploring on your own to see how many birds you can find in your yard!

But Wait, There's More! A new free app for your smartphone has just been developed! Once you've downloaded and installed this app, you will be able to focus your phone's camera on the 10 actual photographs of the birds in the book and hear a typical call or sound made by each bird! For easy instructions, click .

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