Minimum requirements: Apple device with iOS 7.0 or higher or Android v. 4.0 or higher.)

1. On your home page, go to APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY and download "Aurasma".

2. Once downloaded, open the application and take the 30-second tutorial.

3. At the Login Page, create an account.

4. Tap “Join”. The app then takes you to a live camera page with dots trying to focus on whatever the camera is pointed to. Tap the i at the top right of the page. Select “menu” at bottom of page above the Aurasma icon.

5. Tap on the magnifying glass at bottom of screen and enter “Backyard Birding”, then tap “Search”. When “Backyard birding Public Auras” appears, (may appear as “Backyard Birding Public ….”, tap “Follow”.

6. Tap the [ ] (camera frame icon) at bottom middle of page. This takes you back to the live camera.

7. Open your book to find actual bird photographs of each species. Focus the camera on one of the bird photographs, turn volume all the way up on your device and listen to the sounds of that particular bird.

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